emerge-solar - The American Dream
World Peace  and freedom:
The American Dream
Emerge: Now available in Malta
Emerge: for world peace and freedom !
Perfect for you !

Emerge: Travel Tip Top
Pure 100 % freedom
No fuel required !
Emerge: general purpose GREEN motoring.
Drive at peace with all life on the planet...
Life ~ Liberty ~ The pursuit of happiness
The American Dream is now available everywhere...
The brightconnections dream 
GM* ~ Green Motoring
Why drive through the night
when you can sleep through it ?

mv Pont-Aven
With us ~ you have 100% pure freedom from dependency
on oil or gas as your energy is 100% renewable ~ forever.
The Sun, Sea and Wind give us unlimited renewable
energy which will power your freedom FOREVER !
At peace with all life !
Emerge: the future.
We generate plug in electricity which you access
from power points anywhere on the planet simply
by plugging in your Emerge. In Malta and other
fortunate places with year round sunshine the
solar roof will charge your Emerge while parked.
To access 100% pure renewable energy in your
home or hotel simply connect with a green energy
supplier ~ generating from renewable sources.
With your Emerge and brightconections not only
do you have 100% freedom from fuel ! You also have
100% freedom from congestion and 100% freedom
from parking problems. Planning your travels
to connect with our First Class Rail, Luxury Cruises
and First Class Airlines means you arrive at the centre
of town on time and well rested: Ready for Business !

Everyone on the planet loves the American Dream
of World Peace and Freedom and we deliver for you !
One billion Emerge electric vehicles will not only
replace all fossil fuel cars but will enable everyone
on the planet to have use of one. Together with the
brightconnections First Class Rail, Ship and customer
focused low emissions sustainable air travel
we will stop all climate changing transport emissions.
The American Dream does not stop with freedom to
travel ~ the white house with the picket fence is now
available to everyone on the planet ~ connected by
Emerge electric cars to your local First Class Rail
station, cruise ship, and sustainable airport.

Brittany Ferries 

Buy your Emerge today and live the dream !
CLICK HERE for your distributor.
With your emerge you are welcome
on all brightconnections affiliated
Cruise Ships & Car Transporter Trains
Take your Emerge with you everywhere !
At peace with all life on the planet.
Important notes:
*Kindly note we are not affiliated with General Motors.
The brightconnections American Dream, the 100%
freedom travel concept, Perfect for you,
At peace with all life on the planet, etc. 
as well as all text and graphics on this and linked
websites is the property of brightconnections,
as well as associates, affiliates and others.
Permission must be agreed for reproduction.
Thank you for your kind understanding.
Copyright brightconnections 2010 ~
Kindly email us for all enquiries:
Brittany Ferries
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