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World Peace  and freedom !
Rent or Buy today !
Explore Malta by Emerge...
Emerge: for world peace and freedom !
Perfect for you !

Emerge: Travel Tip Top
Safe roads for all and...
Freedom from fuel !

Tomberlin 100% pure electric vehicles
are now available to order today...

We supply all Tomberlin electric Vehicles:
Emerge ~ Anvil ~ VanishOff Road

Handy for travel all over Malta and to the airport and seaports.
The ideal complement to your holiday home or for hotel guests.

bright: connections for good
a global car for a global cause


Travel anywhere in Malta and Gozo
with complete freedom from fuel:
the whole island is in range !

After your holiday: home delivery.
Europe ~ Africa ~ Middle East ~ Asia Pacific ~ Americas
CLICK HERE for your local country distributor.
We supply the planet with sustainable motoring !

Why drive through the night
when you can sleep through it ?

Travel from Malta to the UK and Ireland
with Grandi Navi Velochi ~ DB AutoZug
and Brittany Ferries Luxury Cruise Liners:

mv Pont-Aven

Malta with bright connections:
Malta ~ Livorno ~ Paris ~ Cherbourg ~ Ireland

World Peace  and freedom !

With your Emerge you have freedom from fuel !

Enjoy your perfect holiday in Malta:

GNVAirMalta ~ Hotels ~ Golf

Your perfect holiday:
...as well as enjoying the scenic Green
Malta bus routes
now with your Emerge
you can explore
the whole islands of
Malta and Gozo & bring your
Emerge home with you:

In the same way as you drive your Emerge
onto the Gozo ferry you can also drive
aboard the Grandi Navi Velocchi
sailing to Palermo and Genoa.

bright rail and ship connections:
...travel with your Emerge anywhere on the planet !

World Wide Winners Emerge-Solar For Good...
...we distribute the Emerge to all trusted Malta
car dealers, rental firms and customer focused
organisations who will look after you !

We are always working to bring you the best
deals and so we are always looking for new
dealers and other outlets so ask your trusted
partners for an Emerge: Hotels ~ Golf Clubs
Cruise Ship Operators ~ Airlines ~ Business
associations ~ Church ~ Shops ~ Restaurants.

No deposit financing is available from €10 per day.
Based on 3.9% interest over 10 years. 
Please ask you bank for a personal quote.

Order your emerge from local dealers in Malta:
Emerge rental prices: One day €50  ~ 2 Days €80
3 Days €100 ~ Weekly €150 ~ Monthly €400
Annual €4000 ~ Buy one today for only €19,995
inclusive of 4 year warranty and on the road costs.

With our maintenance contracts we expect that
your new Emerge will give you at least
50 years of splendid safe motoring.

Comparing the 50 year lifetime of your well maintained
Emerge with that of the 5 ~ 10 year lifetime of fossil
fuel cars means that you can realise huge savings
in vehicle replacement and save the planet too !

Order today from your trusted local dealer
and be the first in line to be free...

Car Hire in Malta & Gozo

Malta Rental Car Deal

Whatever car you used to drive ~
the motoring game has changed...

Now 100% free from fuel ~ 100% safe ~ 100% good

Please be SURE and make sure you only drive away
in a fully 100% pure electric Emerge and that you have:
Unlimited Miles ~ No Hidden Fees ~ Full Insurance.
All Emerge cars have standard seat belts which
must be worn at all times. Child car seats are
available and will be fitted by your dealer.

Please remember to ask your trusted
for your Emerge.

We will supply all trusted organisations in
Malta so everyone can be happy and enjoy:

peaceful driving ~ safety ~ freedom from fuel

Please contact the distributor directly for
trade enquiries and to arrange delivery:

l Bright, CEO brightconnections.fr.gd
Your key Emerge Malta distributor...


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